RAS is capable of offering the following in house NDE methods.

Liquid Penetrant / Wet and Dry
Magnetic Particle / Wet and Dry "Yoke" AC/DC
Helium Leak Testing "EPD gas leak indicator"
Magnetic coating thickness "mikro test -III
Material / Weld Finish
Surface Finish Roughness " Pocket Surf I "
Ferrite Testing
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

A long with the NDE methods we also have a Level III MT, PT, and RT.
And a Level II PT in house.

Polish Work:
RAS is capable of mechanically achieving down to a 10 RA finish in-house and subcontracting electro polish finishes.

All polished finishes are verified with a profilometer by the QC Dept. and documented. This documentation is provided with "Final Documentation" package to customer.

RAS is capable of in-house PT/MT and Helium Leak Testing. These are used mainly on Heat Exchangers, but can be performed for all applications when helium leak testing is specified.
RAS also performs a dye check of tube to tubesheet welds before helium leak testing by the QC Dept.
RAS always segregates all materials (carbon steel from stainless steel etc....)
All work is preformed and tracked as if it was Code.

RAS Employs Branch Radiographic Labs for the following NDE methods.
Radiographic Testing   ASME
Ultrasonics    ASME
Helium Mass Spectrometer   ASME
Positive Material Inentification (PMI)

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